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 Remy Martin Foster


Lizette Moreno


Liz and I always loved helping people save money on their insurance. But we noticed something very curious. We were earning business from people who were not happy with the traditional "big insurance company" buying experience.

Why were clients fleeing large insurance companies with multi-million dollar marketing budgets and charming "gecko mascots" to our small independent agency in downtown North Hollywood? Why were these people referring so many of their friends and families our way? It felt like a modern-day David versus Goliath. 

So after many meetings, even more coffee, and the occasional craft beer (yes, Liz and I share this passion), we came to a simple observation:

People don’t want to be just another policy number. They want to be helped.

This realization became our mantra. It was time to make the insurance sales process human. Time to treat policyholders like people, not numbers on a spreadsheet. Time to help people protect their assets in a more personable, empathetic way. It was time for South Way Insurance!




Our People & Culture

The employees at South Way Insurance are drawn to helping people make good financial decisions. Our people love this community and thrive on providing helping our customers find new and affordable insurance solutions to protect what matters most.

At the core, our people are rooted in the idea of LTV – we want our customers to Love, Trust, and Value us. Our insurance solutions are fantastic and affordable— but from our perspective, none of that matters if we’re not helping our customers protect their assets and provide real peace of mind.




What Our Clients Say

"We have had a few different quotes from other insurance companies but this insurance was by far the best! Robert helped me and my husband get a really affordable insurance rate for the both of us. He's very polite, friendly, professional and efficient."  - Melody R


"South Way Insurance has been the most helpful and friendliest insurance agency I've ever worked with. I love it that in addition to insurance, they have DMV services, Notary Public, Income Tax Service and UPS package pick up. Thank you South Way!"  - Louis M


"South Way Insurance is the best! A friend referred me here and they helped me save over $100 a month!




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